Managed SOC Services

iSoft acts as one of the leading Managed SOC Providers for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) SMBs, offering continuous security alerts and protection from threats through 24/7 monitoring and real-time detection.
SMBs are increasingly becoming targets of sophisticated cyber attacks. While large enterprises often have dedicated resources to manage their security operations, SMBs may lack the expertise and resources to effectively defend against evolving threats. iSoft bridges that gap by providing Managed SOC as a Service.
As a Managed SOC Provider, iSoft offers a solution tailored for SMBs, providing advanced threat detection, response capabilities, and round-the-clock monitoring. At Managed SOC as a Service, we specialize in empowering SMBs with robust cybersecurity through our managed SOC services.
Managed SOC Services
Our Managed Security Operations Center is strengthened by Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and it ensures the security of infrastructure, DevOps, applications, and all operating systems. In addition to this, iSoft offers affordable 24/7 monitoring, dedicated analysts, and skilled engineers who are proficient in cybersecurity playbooks.
As a Managed SOC Provider, we accurately assess network activities and ransomware detection and provide timely reports, creating a secure virtual environment for various enterprises to thrive. By partnering with iSoft’s Managed SOC Provider, you will have peace of mind knowing that your systems are monitored and a promt response to any incident related to data breach will be nullified.
Managed SOC as a Service at iSoft is a subscription-based model that allows organizations to outsource their security operations to a team of cybersecurity experts. This includes continuous monitoring of networks, endpoints, applications, and cloud environments to detect and respond to security incidents in real-time. We provide organizations with the expertise, tools, and resources needed to enhance their security posture without the burden of managing an in-house SOC with our Managed SOC as a Service offer. We understand that each organization has unique security needs. Therefore, our Managed SOC as a services are customized to fit the specific requirements of your business. Our proactive approach and rapid incident response makes us the most demanded Managed SOC Provider in the UK.

What's iSoft Managed SOC Services?

Managed SOC

24/7 Monitoring & Analysis

Persistent surveillance for online threats in on-premises and cloud environments, ensuring 24/7 protection against evolving threats.

Vulnerability Scan

Real-Time Investigation

Swift, real-time inquiries to guarantee immediate response against potential threats, maintaining the integrity of private data

Vulnerability Scan

Threat Isolation & Remediation

Swift action to isolate the infected node or systems from the main network with proven use cases like ransomware attack remediation.

Managed SOC

Incident Response

Immediate incident reports, thorough notifications, and detailed documentation for effective incident management

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